EXPO 2017, Astana – Austrian Pavilion
10.6. – 10.9.2017, Astana, Kazachstan
Design: Johann Moser (bwm Architects), Julia Lansiedl and Gerhard Bauer
www.bwm.at, www.expoaustria.at

The theme of Expo 2017 in Astana, Kasachstan was “Future Energy”. The motto of the Austrian Pavilion was “With Heart, Brain and Musclepower”.
We were assigned to design and make several entirely mechanical functional models. The so-called “Airstreams” were huge fans driven by converted bicycles with belts. In addition, ten adapted bicycles for the so-called “Österreichbild”, adjusted the image sharpness on a monitor through pedalling speed. The main object, however, was the “Austrian Wheel”. This giant wheel showed ten classic Austrian stereotypes in a tongue in cheek way. Each subject had its own movement - everything rattled, turned, folded or slipped constantly. This was also muscle powered on a special bike.

BWM has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for "Communication Design 2018" with the design concept of the Austrian EXPO Pavilion 2017! We are very happy and congratulate the team!

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