The scope of consultation we can offer, encompasses the entire field of exhibition realisation: clarification of the basic conditions of exhibition spaces, resulting adaptations, narrowing down the technical possibilities and realisaton of installations and exhibitions, preparation of a schedule and estimating costs.
Good communication with our partners is important to us, as is successful interaction between art and object with space and technology.
We offer exhibition and installation design hand in glove with technical planning.
This can be the design of complete exhibitions including exhibition architecture, special furniture, display cases and decorative objects as well as various mountings.
The right combination of form and function, load-bearing capacity and durability is important for our hands-on models and exhibits.
In the process of technical planning, we work closely with artists and curators. When planning a project, a concrete realisation solution is developed. We work on finding the best way of technical realisation. Each artwork should be displayed in an optimal way, without influencing or detracting from other exhibits. If, for example, infrared headphones or directional speakers are used, noise protection measures must be taken or special audio furniture must be built. Similarly, there may be a need for blacking out, rear projection or transparent projection walls etc.
Prototypes are created to find and test solutions in terms of feasibility, appearance, material, functioning, durability and costs. The test results are reviewed and decisions made with the clients.