Steiermark Schau – How it is
Universalmuseum Joanneum – Volkskundemuseum Graz
Exhibition: How it is – Worlds, Change, Perspectives
10.4. – 31.10.2021
Curated by Birgit Johler and Christiane Rainer, collaboration with Jo Maier
figuration: MVD – Michael Rieper, Benedikt Haid und Heidi Pretterhofer,,

The recently rebuilt and thus newly opened Volkskundemuseum in Graz is showing the exhibition “How it is - Worlds, Change, Perspectives” as part of the Steiermarkschau. This shows the “current Styria”. It becomes clear that without the history/-ies behind it, the present cannot be understood.

We were responsible for object and art handling in the exhibition setup. Together with the team of the Volkskundemuseum, we devised, manufactured and installed different forms of protection for objects . Pictures were framed, brackets and securing devices for very different objects were developed and adapted. Mounting options were considered, designed and built. We equipped showcases, mounted lettering boards, and were delighted with the great flexibility of the mounting panels when arranging objects on the wall. Thanks at this point to the VKM team and to MVD for the successful and fun cooperation!
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