Das kleine Städtchen Jederzeit
FRida and freD, The Graz Children´s Museum in cooperation with Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim
exhibition: Das kleine Städtchen Jederzeit
starting spring 2020
curated by: Frida und freD, Graz children´s museum and Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim
www.fridaundfred.at, rem-mannheim.de

The small visitors (3 – 7 years old) can get to know many occupations and play a role in which time is important: whether as a cook having to stir many pots at the same time, as a firefighter putting out a house fire, as a night watchman keeping an eye on a spooky house, as a gardener heeding the seasons, practising being patient as a fisherman or having to get up early as a baker: in every job one has to conform to the appropriate time.

For this exhibition we helped design and construct the numerous hands-on models, exhibits and objects, immersed ourselves in the detailed planning, devised electronic circuits, welded and programmed. The individual models were built and realized in our workshops and tested and finished in the Children’s Museum’s workshops. The teamwork with the Children’s Museum was as always great – and this project was especially fun!
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